Welcome to Battle-Bridge! Thank you for visiting the site. My name is Aaron Percival (you may know me as aaron2310 on various Board Game Geeks). I’m a life long Star Trek fan and I’m a huge fan of Star Trek Attack Wing. I began playing Attack Wing in September 2013, not long after the launch of the game in August. I noticed there were very few sites for Attack Wing online and decided I would make my own website.

The intention of Battle-Bridge is to provide a complete and organized web community that regularly posts news updates on the front page, to be updated with easy to find and read articles and to also provide a player controlled forums. We will also be running various competitions, giving away the Organized Play winner and participation prizes (look out for the DS9 competition for our launch!). We will always be looking for new site staff and welcome any applications.

I hope you all enjoy your visit and encourage you to register to our Message Board.

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