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What To Buy Next? by Aaron Percival | 11/07/2014
“One of the more common questions I tend to see online in regards to Star Trek: Attack Wing is “what should I buy?” If you’re interested in playing Attack Wing the most essential purchase is Starter Set. It provides you with the movement templates, the dice and three very solid ships. It also gives you a taste of how the Federation, Romulan and Klingon factions play. “
Armchair Admiral 101: Academy Basics by Will Sanchez | 11/02/14
“So, you want to be an Attack Wing Amiral? Well be prepared, ’cause it ain’t easy scrub! Anyone can push little ships around a map, but if you want to win you need strategy. That’s where I come in. I may not be able to make you all the next Kahless or Garth of Izar, but with any luck I can keep a few of your subordinates alive by making you all a little less incompetent. Now sit down and shut up!”

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