In this section will you find links to various other websites, communities or resources for Star Trek: Attack Wing. If you run or know of a website that you would like linked to in this section you can contact us with the details of the website and we will happily include it.

Official Websites

Official WizKids Star Trek: Attack Wing Website
The official WizKids website for Star Trek: Attack Wing. It is very infrequently updated but it contains downloads of the rules, a small gallery of the various expansions that have been released. It also contains links to the competitive campaigns and episodic events.
Dominion War
The official website for the Dominion War Storyline Organized Play event. It contains the rules and instructions for all 6 for Dominion War campaign.
The Collective
The official website for The Collective Storyline Organized Play event. It contains the rules and instructions for all 3 events of the first part of The Collective campaign.
ST: AW Official FAQ
Hosted on BoardGameGeeks, originally started by designer Andrew Parkes, the Official FAQ is now ran by Chris Guild, the second designer for Star Trek: Attack Wing.

Online Communities

BoardGameGeeks plays host to a small Attack Wing Wiki, the Official FAQ and a large message boardĀ of Attack Wing players as well as information on all expansions.

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