Delta Flyer Preview Online

Posted on September 24th, 2015 by

Star has posted the first of the Wave 19 previews. First up is the Delta Flyer. The release of the Flyer marks the second retail release of a Shuttlecraft (the first being Quark’s Treasure in Wave 18) and the first retail shuttle for the Federation faction.

“The Delta Flyer is so much more than your average shuttlecraft. This little shuttle packs a punch for something of its size with a primary weapon value of 3. As an added bonus, the Delta Flyer can also fire from its rear arc with a slightly less powerful attack. But if more power is what you crave, the Delta Flyer allows you to add a Weapon Upgrade costing 4 points or less. Looking under the hood, we can see that the Delta Flyer is also very maneuverable and evasive with Tom Paris at the helm, allowing you to covert a 3 maneuver into a 4. If speed isn’t what you need, perhaps Tuvok is the Captain for you. Tuvok adds a Tech upgrade to your ship and gives it a discount at the same time.”


I have to say I’m really pleased with this pack. This is the first of the shuttlecraft to really make a punch and be able to contribute towards the fighting force of you fleet, rather than simply being a way to get extra Upgrades onto your ships. Make sure you head on over to Star and check out the entire preview.

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