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The crew of the Battle Bridge are a diverse bunch from all over the galaxy. We’ve got humans, Andorians, Vulcans. Below you will find out a little about the more prominant human members of the crew.

Name: Aaron Percival | Alias: aaron2310 | E-mail:

My name is Aaron Percival, I’m 24 years of age. I’m based in the United Kingdom, in the East Midlands. I’ve been a Star Trek fan since birth. I have no favourite series but I like them all from Season 3 onwards (apart from TOS. That has it’s own charm!). I do have a special soft spot for The Original Series and the TOS-movies as I’m very fond of the design asthetics from that era.

I have been playing Star Trek Attack Wing since release. I play regularly at 4 shops around the East Midlands. I’ve played 2 complete Dominion War campaigns where I finished first over all at both locations. I have also played several Dominion War events at various other locations. I also finished 7th over all at the UK Games Expo competition, picking up a cloaked Romulan TOS Bird-of-Prey and winning a third DS9 in the bonus round.

My prefered faction is the Romulan, who I played for 5 of the 6 Dominion War events. However, with increase in quality and amount of attack power, I’ve turned away from the Romulans and am trying other factions.

Name: Michael Seigler | Alias: Mr. Dominio | E-mail:

Hello, everyone! My secret identity whenever I’m walking around in my meat body is Michael Seigler – I’m a 23-year-old comic shop clerk in east Texas and, like our chieftan, I was wearing out Trek VHS tapes from the time I could string words together (in fact, there’s a funny story about that, but it requires some Romulan Ale first). Growing up on it, I’m a Next Gen boy at heart, but I’m a slavering enough fanboy that I can enjoy every part ofthe franchise, even those I objectively realize are pretty awful.

I’ve played just about every tabletop or electronic Star Trek game that’s ever been released, and that includes a 1-of-each policy for Attack Wing. I TO all the events for my area (which makes the 1-of-each thing much easier, let me tell you!), and like to think of myself as pretty well-versed in the rules.

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